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Behind the Chair

At Dahlia Salon and Spa, we only offer the highest quality salon services. Please look at our service menu to see the wide range of treatments and unique pampering options we offer. 

NOTE all services are based on the length and not gender.
To see examples of length description
"click here"

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Cut, Styles, and Treatments
All cuts include a wash and style.
Teens 14+ are priced as adults to get the full experience. 

Clipper Short Cut - $30+                Short/texture Hair Cut - $35+
Above the ear                                             textured/pixie style above ears

Medium Cut - $50+                            Long Hair Cut - $55+
Ears to shoulders                                           shoulders to mid-back


Extra-Long Hair Cut - $65                                 
mid-back or really thick hair.

Fresh Clean Up - $15                         Bang Trim/Buzzcut/

quick clean up around the       Under Cut - $10+

ears & back of neck.
*No wash or style . 15mins  


Childs (0-10) - $17 + age 


Shampoo & Style - $35+
Updo or Blow out - $55+

Perm - $65+ *Note: perms must be booked with a consultation at least a week prior to perm appointment.

Consultations - Free



Steampod Treatment - $20 add-on to any service
                                               -$45 on its own

Using a continuous flow of high pressure steam to target each strand without flattening the fibres. The steampod locks in moisture and products to create an ultra-smooth finish with mirror-like shine.

Conditioning Treatment - $20 add-on to any service

                                                                  -$35 on its own



Colouring Services
All colouring services include allotted time for a haircut. 

Extra-Long Hair - mid back or REALLY thick hair

Long Hair - Shoulders to mid back
Medium Hair - Shoulders to bottom of ear

Short Hair - Ear and up

Balayage                                               Hilights/Lowlights
Extra-Long Hair - $185+                  Extra-Long Hair - $145+
Long Hair - $180+                               Long Hair - $140+

Medium Hair - $150+                          Medium Hair - $125+

                                                                  Short Hair - $110+

Full Colour                                       Retouch     
Extra-Long hair  - $135+                 Full Colour Root - $80+
Long Hair - $120+                                                        
Medium Hair - $105+
Short Hair - $90+

Fashion Colors - Get those Vibrant, Fun Colours
blues, pinks, reds, purples, etc

Single Process colour w/o lightening process- $110+ 

Double Process colour w/ lightening process - $180+

Money Piece -$10+

Face framing up to 10 foils - $10/foil

Tone at the Sink - $50+





Extension services

Extensions consults - free
Extension install - Hand tied/tape in
Extension Checks - hand tied/ tape in
extension move up - hand tied/tape in
(wash and style not included)
Extension Removal - hand tied / tape in

Please contact for pricing.

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